Sang foundation

About us

Sang means light in Sanskrit and in Thai.

All matter can be seen as vibrations where every atom in the universe moves in the shape of electromagnetic waves.

From the famous E=mC2 Einstein equation we know:

  • A cosmic ray - a highly energetic photon of light - when passing in a vicinity of a heavy atomic molecule, leaves its imprint on film as it spontaneously becomes a particle.

Literally energy becomes matter!

This is the reverse of what happens when matter and antimatter meet and annihilate each other, releasing tremendous amount of energy.

Dr. Richard Gerber. Vibrational medicine

What the Sang foundation logo means

The Sang foundation logo is designed with 20 beams of light surrounding the word Sang designed in Sanskrit styled letters.

Here is represented the five elements of Space, Air, Water, Fire and Earth, all components which form our vibrational..


Space contains 97% of the available but also invisible energy, where our Astral and Mental body resides. What does this mean? It is a place where our thoughts, emotion, influences the connective awareness are stored, what can be called the ‘morphogenetic field’.


Air is essential to our survival. It is a vital source of our energy. It is our connection to our higher self. This is also reflected in the Crown Chakras, which represent wisdom and inspiration.


Water symbolizes the flow of life. Earth is connected to water. 60% of the human body is made up of water and represents the primordial element which connects all of us.


Earth is related to Mother Earth and gravity which has the power to heal. Due to human greed, we are causing a severe destruction of the environment, affecting the life of other species and causing harm to ourselves.


Fire is both cleansing and destructive. In Chinese medicine the Fire element is the heart center. It represents our enthusiasm to spread a heightened awareness about our current situation and the impact we are having on our environment.