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Bobo The Whale Facts and Figures

2nd November, 2017

Fact 1: One of the most detrimental environmental problems in our world today is the tons of plastic being dumped relentlessly into our oceans.

In July 2017, Sang foundation was invited by the UN in Bangkok to build a giant whale installation - to be exhibited during the Asian Pacific UN Ministerial Environment Summit from 5-8 September, 2017. The result was "Bobo The Whale", a concept created by Mutsumi Adachi. As the founder of the Sang Foundation, she wanted to raise awareness by displaying a whale with plastic debris in its belly. Bobo had different interactive features to educate viewers, as well as a poem expressing the sadness of this environmental emergency. The UN also invited the Clean Ocean Organization of New York to play a 4D VR video called "The Lonely Whale" at the summit. This VR video gave participants the experience of a being a whale swimming in a sea of trash. Viewsers could clearly imagine how this magnificent whale would suffer a slow and painful death from ingesting plastic debris. The exhibits focused on the disastrous effects of ocean pollution, particularly around Thailand. The UN did not provide funds for Bobo; this project was solely funded by Sang Foundation volunteers. The time frame for Bobo's construction was extremely short, but with help from dedicated supporters and volunteers, it was completed successfully and managed to create positive change.

Fact 2: Bobo was designed to raise awareness on the problem of ocean debris.

To create Bobo, Mutsumi contacted Thai Taiyo Tent factory. Mr. Tohru Hirono made the technical drawing for the design. The 3 meter-tall, 3meter-wide and nearly 9 meter-long structure was completed after a good deal of precise concentrated efforts. Bobo has fins on both sides measuring around 1.5m each, and a 4 meter-long tail stuffed with plastic bottles collected from the UN coffee shops and cafeteria, and from volunteers' personal contributions. To avoid using plastic, Sang Foundation hoped to make Bobo out of recyclable fabric. The Trend Denim Company generously donated 110 yards of blue denim to cover the body of the whale. Many volunteers from Trash Hero Hua Hin collected ocean debris from Pattaya. Many other volunteers and school students also helped to collect trash to build the exhibit.

Fact 3: A new and exciting video uncovers the truth about plastic pollution in the oceans

A workshop was organized at The Commons - Thonglor, and many volunteers came to the UN to help in the creation of Bobo The Whale, helping this vision to come to life. Bobo stayed at the UN building until the 27th of September. Later, it was moved to The Regent's International School in Bangkok. It will be staying there until the 28th of October and from there will be moving to The Bangkok Pattana School. During the entire month, Sang foundation will be collaborating with the school teachers to create educational programs, as the installation continues raising awareness. 

Our Connected Universe

2nd November, 2017

The Connected Universe: We all are intertwined. We are not separate from each other.

The biggest illusion of humankind is the concept of separation. Humans do not only separate and disconnect themselves from nature, but they think they are superior to all other species. This is the root of so many of our problems. Classic science works on the concept of division: How to separate an atom to electrons? An example of this comes to light with CERN. This organization uses the collider to try and prove (or disprove, more accurately) that there actually is a God. Resonance academy's founder, Nassim Harrmein, has been disregarded by many mainstream scientists because he emphasizes the universe is one, and everything is connected. His notion is that there is a fundamental and double toroidal energy that sustains the system at each and every scale of the universe.

For more information, watch his recently uploaded video on the connected universe: 

Everything in this universe is connected, ranging from the smallest to the largest species. There is a ripple effect with each action of each individual. Therefore, what you do to one, you essentially do to yourself. This is through the unified understanding of gravity. What you do here has an influence on the other side of the planet, and on each species that resides within it.

With this in mind, start thinking about your use and consumption of plastic. Change is indeed possible!

We too often think that we can throw away plastic trash and pollute our Earth because it is not seen by our physical eyes. The mentality of "out of sight, out of mind" has to change! Recent studies have actually linked the increase of plastic in the ocean to the range of negative health effects on marine animals. Further, of course this also affects humans as we consume marine animals! An element of the suffering of each species on Earth comes down to vibrations; they stay in the collective consciousness. Whilst on the subject, let's try to really feel with empathy the emotions of the 50-100 years old trees that we deliberately chop down with no respect. Let's feel and think about the meat we eat, which carries the fear and desperation from millions of animals we slaughter every day. What about the fish we catch from the ocean? The milk we drink from the cow? The separation we cause for baby cows being taken from their mothers. Do we not think that, they too, have consciousness, just as we do? We have created a war within our planet and within ourselves just to gain profit and we forget about what humanity really means. With this mind-set, how can the human race expect to find happiness? All these vibration are linked. If we don't change our relationship with each other in spite of knowing that we are all connected, there will be no harmony or peace. And as we move forward, let's propose some solutions. Open your heart and complete your daily activities accordingly to this principle. Help each other. Choose to be happy! Treat nature with respect. Smile to strangers. Feel and show gratitude for the food we are able to consume. Stray from mass consciousness conditioning and what the media wants us to believe about what we need in order to survive. Start thinking independently! Trust your own mind over any other. Trust in your inherent power you were born with! We are born to thrive in abundance, not to act as victims to this world we have collectively created. Face your fears, as they are only illusions created by the ego. Only when we are united as one will we be able to change the future and generations to come.

Do you know the facts?

25th September, 2017

With around 8 million tons of plastic polluting the sea every year, researchers have predicted that by the end of the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean by weight than fish and coral combined.

Whale Project Phase #2: On-Site Installation

23rd August, 2017

Hello kind volunteers, we have some updates from the UN. On the 28th, we will start at 1 pm. And all confirmed volunteers are required to send us their full names and ID card or Passport numbers, in advance please. Send us a private message. Thank you very much! This is going to be fun!


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